Mother's Day Quiz

Who was this famous Mother?

1. Down the ages, told or sung,

Her rhymes delight the very young.

2. Fine old dame of visage glum,

Who knows the artist knows his mom.

3. Labouring in slums obscure,

Mothering a thousand poor.

4. Produced by this famed dowager,

One president, two senators.

5. Grandma proved it's none to late,

To gain renown with brush and paint.

Bet you can guess them all!


  1. I just enjoyed your post on Stash Manicure....that is a gorgeous wall hanging that you showed us! Thanks for sharing all the tips on how to make it. It is very inspiring to me, to see how even and precise your stitching is..maybe some day mine will get there!
    Jacque in South Carolina

  2. Just came here from Stash Manicure - Thanks for the lovely tutorial :D