Marking a Quilting Pattern with Press'n Seal

Sometimes it is difficult to see through a very thick fabric such as felted wool or a quilt that has already been sandwiched with the batting and backing. This makes tracing a quilting pattern onto the quilt very difficult. Using Press'n Seal (which is available in the grocery) simplifies this process.

First trace the quilting pattern onto the Press'n Seal with a fine tip permenant marker such as Pigma Pen size .05 and let the ink dry.

Then place this traced pattern onto the quilt in the desired location and finger press in place. Lower the feed dogs on your machine and use a darning foot to free motion quilt along all the lines of the quilting pattern.

After all the stitching has been finished; tear away the Press'n Seal leaving only the stitched quilting. In this photo I have started to remove some of the Press'n Seal. I use my fingernail to scratch at the Press'n Seal or sometimes I use tweezers to help pull off the pieces of the Press'n Seal.

Please leave me a comment if you find this technique helpful. Let me know if there is another technique you would like to see featured.

This post is a followup to my Felted Wool Applique tutorial posted on June 9, 2011 at This was a very popular tutorial with 133 comments posted so far. Thanks everyone!