Heal the World

On our way to the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition we passed by an artist called Singh who was starting to do a chalk painting on a side walk square across from the Eaton Center. He was using a small colour picture clipped from a magazine for a reference.

On our way back later in the day, we passed that way again and a small crowd of admirers had gathered around him. His painting was beautifully done; but I couldn't help but think what a shame that it was so fleeting and temporary in nature. It occured to me that in comparison, we spend an enormous amount of time making our quilts but they often last for generations.

We went by a few days later and the painting had almost disappeared--people were walking and riding their bikes over it. I felt sad.

One of my favourite Micheal Jackson songs is Heal the World. It has such an important message presented in such a beautiful way. What a talented person he was!

Copy and paste this link to listen to this amazing song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oay9mDRHEM


Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

Recently my daughter and I were in Toronto to see the Outdoor Art Exhibition at Nathan Phillips square. It was an amazing show with many talented local artists showcased.

A sunset on the lake.

Some stair steps up the hill.

A rare red trillium.

A Walk Through the Woods

An old shed in a clearing near the golf course.

A Walk Through the Woods

A wooden bench to rest on along the way.

A Walk Through the Woods

Here are some pictures taken as Candice and I walked along the woodland trails behind our cottage.

Here is a picture of the center block of my quilt with the winning ribbons attached.

This block is called Prairie Crocus Wreath and features these flowers as well as Chicory, Musk Mallow and wild berries.

The whole quilt is echo quilted in lines which are approximately one quarter inch apart.

There is a meandering feather design quilted in the borders in the spaces beside the flowering vine.



Welcome to my blogspot.

My exciting news is that my Nature's Garden nine block quilt won the First Place Viewers' Choice ribbon in the large traditional quilt catagory at the Halton Quilters' Guild show this spring. This summer it also won a First Place ribbon at the Vermont Quilt Festival.

This quilt took me several years to design, sew the blocks, and then most of last winter I quilted some on it every week on my Janome 1600P. This machine has about a nine inch space under the arm to manipulate the quilt so it was not an easy task and often my neck and shoulders were aching. How we quilters suffer! :)

I made this quilt for my daughter, Candice, in remembrance of our walks together at our cottage. We love to walk through the woodland trails behind our cottage--it's restful and peaceful and I'm always amazed at how rejuvenated we feel after our walks. We often see birds, and many different wild flowers, which is what gave me the inspiration to design and make this quilt.

When I was growing up in Nova Scotia, I often went walking with my Mom and her sisters through the hay fields and the woods looking for wild flowers so making this quilt brought back lots of pleasant memories of those times as well.

I hope you will come back and visit me often.