What If? Creative Use of the Woodland Creatures Patterns

Summer's Song
I recently received this photo from Ramona Houle.  Summer's Song is a creative adaptation using the border patterns from my Woodland Creatures Collector Series patterns.

Ramona volunteered to coordinate the biennial raffle quilt for the Charlottesville Quilters' Guild in Charlottesville, VA. 
I thought this was such a clever use of the border patterns!

The quilt has been appraised by certified quilt appraiser, Neva Hart, for a value of $5210.00 US. The quilt was hand appliqued and hand quilted by award-winning quilters. The valuation on the appraisal is for insurance replacement value. The valuation for this type of appraisal takes into consideration those highly-skilled makers.The quilt raffle will take place in November, 2013.  The proceeds from the raffle quilt will be used to pay for some of the expenses of their quilt show and the rest will be donated to the Charlottesville, VA Free Clinic.

Bunny and Friends
Ramona has also used the Woodland Creatures patterns in other creative quilts.

Shown at right is her Bunny and Friends wall quilt done using felted wool and sewn with a hand blanket stitched technique.

She has used some of the flowers and creatures to add her own border variation.

Sometime ago I posted a tutorial about this method on the Stash Manicure blogspot. http://www.sewwequilt.com/2011/06/felted-wool-techniques-and-giveaway.html

Flyers and Crawlers
Flyers and Creatures is another one of Ramona's quilts using many of the motifs from the Woodland Creatures patterns.

Ramona says that this quilt was a row quilt that was a group challenge.  "We each started with a row, this is my quilt and my row was the chipmunk, then we passed it around and each person added a row to your quilt based on any specifications you happen to include (I just put "wildlife and fauna"). Then, because the quilt was kind of narrow, I widened it by putting some of your border design down the side."
I really appreciate seeing how Ramona used my patterns in so many different ways. 
Bravo, Ramona!