In Praise of Mothers on Mothers' Day

This is a photo of my Mama quilt made from a pattern by Bunny Leighton of Bunny Publications. It shows my family in the center showcasing each of our hobbies--my husband with his gardening, me with my quilting, Ken with his turtles (one has escaped) and Candice with her doll.

The other blocks show all the many activities that mothers do in the course of a busy week looking after their family. I fell in love with this quilt because when I was small my Mom used to tell me stories of her mother whom she called Mama. The many activities reminded me of the things she said her mother used to do.

The pieced quilt blocks in the corners are called Happy Home. That's my wish for all of you--that you and your family have a happy home.

"God can't be everywhere; and, so, invented Mothers." Sir Edwin Arnold

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  1. Such a precious quilt. What a treasure to have so many family memories!