Ruth McLeod's Rose Sampler Quilt

Ruth McLeod is shown (in the center) at the London Friendship Quilters' Guild workshop--members are admiring her Rose Sampler quilt made from the patterns in my book Rose Sampler Supreme. Ruth chose a lovely blue and purple colour scheme for her exquisitly stitched quilt.

Jill Buckley--The Quilt Rat

The above photo shows how Jill prepared for my Woodland Creatures workshop at the London Friendship Quilters' Guild by making a little mock up of the block (see the little one in the lower left corner) to see if she was happy with her fabric choices. Also shown is the full size block that she prepared in the workshop--now ready for needle and thread.
Her fabric choices are based on the fact that when the bunnies visit her garden (usually to nibble favourite plants) it is early morning, so she wanted this piece to have that dappled sun effect.

Jill writes on her blog "Yesterday, I attended a workshop conducted by Rosemary Makhan who led us through a wonderful day of learning her applique method. Those of you who are regular readers know that not only do I rarely work with someone else's patterns, I generally am not a flowery type quilter. That just might all change after the last couple of days.
Seeing Rosemary's work on her web site is one thing but seeing it up close and personal is entirely different. I don't think you can look at her amazing work and not be inspired. We were treated to her trunk show at guild on Thursday evening .....each time you thought it could not possibly get any better another spectacular quilt emerged. If you ever have a chance to take a class with Rosemary, take my advice, do NOT pass up the opportunity."

Thank you so much for your very kind comments, Jill. I am including a link to Jill's blog The Quilt Rat so that you can see more of Jill's prize winning work, her musings, and her wonderful doodles.

Penn Gregg's Woodland Creatures Quilt

Penn Gregg sends this photo of her prize winning Woodland Creature quilt which she made for her grandson, James. Penn's quilt won a Blue Ribbon in the Home & Craft over 70 Division and a "best in show" Purple Ribbon at the South Caroline State Fair, Columbia, South Carolina, 2009.

Penn and James very generously shared their prize money by donating to the Shizophrenia Society of Ontario and to the Canadian Wild Life Federation. Thanks so much for your thoughtful gifts.

Penn writes "James has the quilt on his bed and I think he loves it. He wrote me a wonderful thank you note, from which I quote '...I have never known anyone who has ever made something so beautiful. Thank you so much.'
So the eight years it took me to complete this project were, in my book and James' well worth the wait!"

Flowering Urn Quilt

Muriel Taylor showed her Flowering Urn quilt from my book Floral Abundance at a recent meeting of the Port Perry Patchers in Port Perry, Ontario. It was evident from the reaction of the guild members that Muriel is well known for selecting beautiful fabrics and for her tiny, exquisite stitches.