Welcome To My Studio

My "studio" is actually my basement! LOL
It is a nice bright space and I feel very lucky to have it. I can come down here and get away from the world and just enjoy being creative--what a freeing experience!
This is my Janome 1600P which I like to use for free motion quilting. Here I am machine quilting my Canadiana Rose quilt.

Here are some of the ribbons I have won over the years. In the past I didn't enter my quilts in many contests as I was afraid of having my quilts lost or damaged during transit; but my quilt appraiser advised me that quilts are more valuable if they have won ribbons so I have started to enter a few more contests. Ribbons are nice but I always feel that more important is the satisfaction that you get when you complete something beautiful. I try to only compete with myself and try to learn something new with each quilt that I make.

Writing my books and designing my patterns has given me a lot of satisfaction.
It is probably the hardest thing for me to do and causes me a lot of stress sometimes but when I see the end result it seems all worthwhile.

This is my computer corner where I prepare my lesson plans, class handouts, patterns, and books. Unfortunately I find I'm here more than I am at my sewing machines.

Here is the newest addition to my sewing machine collection. I'm enjoying learning how to use my HQ18 midarm sewing machine. It's a bit harder to learn than I thought it would be. As I quilt on it, I keep thinking about the words of the song "I'm not perfect but I'm still trying."

Thanks for dropping by!