Egypt--A New Day!

Last February 2010, my husband Chris and I travelled to Egypt. We were very impressed with the people and their amazing history, wonderful temples, and artifacts from the Age of the Pharoahs. We watched with great interest the events during the recent uprising in Tahrir square, Cairo as our hotel was right across from the museum and this square. It is such good news to see these brave, patriotic people with such a rich cultural heritage finally making great strides toward democracy and freedom.

The above picture shows us enjoying a camel ride at the site of the three great pyramids. I must tell you an interesting story about our experience; one of the camel guides offered Chris one hundred camels in exchange for me! As bartering is the rule here, Chris countered with "No, two hundred!" He later told our friends that the only reason he didn't accept was because he thought it would be too difficult getting one hundred camels home on the plane and through customs. So now you know my true worth; at least now I know where I stand.

This is our official Egyptian photograph taken at the special Egyptian dinner and dance evening on the boat as we cruised down the Nile River. There is also an interesting story about how we purchased our costumes to wear for this evening. After dinner the previous night, we were having some drinks with friends and we heard someone calling outside the window; so Chris went to look and there were some vendors standing up in boats and they threw some bags up through the window. We weren't sure what was happening but then we realized the bags had costumes in them and they wanted us to buy them for the special event the next evening. Anyway, we ended up purchasing the ones you see us wearing. Here is a picture of Chris doing his "window shopping."

Be Attitudes

Joan Carl proudly displays her finished quilt top on the last day of our
Be Attitudes class at The Quilters' Garden Patch in Bronte, Ontario.
This is a Nancy Halvorsen designed quilt in which she reminds us in these delightful blocks "of the uplifting attitudes and values that can make our lives more enjoyable and beautiful." The blocks were fused and stitched with black thread using a machine blanket stitch.