Signs of Autumn

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. I love seeing a pumpkin patch as it reminds me of all the fun that children have at Hallowe'en. I remember my son when he was little saying that he liked Hallowe'en even more than Christmas--that was when I really understood how much he loved candies!

This was taken at a country fruit market near Osborne Corners, Ontario.

I bought some pie pumpkins, some mums, and a delightful harvest basket filled with plants here at Terra Nursery on Dundas Street, Burlington.

Some brilliant Sumak bushes seen on a walk with my daughter.

This time of year I like to display my Tricia Romance picture called Root Cellar and my Signs of Autumn wall quilt in my entrance hall to welcome my guests. I like to give thanks also for my family, my relatives, my friends, my home, and all the joy I get from my quilting and scrapbooking hobbies.

Needle Sisters Quilters' Guild, Elmira, Ontario

I recently was a special guest at the 10th Anniversary Celebration of a wonderful group of quilters called the Needle Sisters Quilters' Guild in Elmira, Ontario.

We started our Retreat on Friday evening with a dinner together and then I gave a Trunk Show. This Biblical quilt was on display in the church. It was made by Marnie Ewasko from my Biblical Blocks book.

The next day I gave a workshop on the Road to Paradise quilt from my book More Biblical Quilt Blocks book. Here is a photo of the class with one of their blocks finished.

We had a show and tell of quilts that some of the workshop members brought that they had made from my patterns or classes. Betty Plummer brought her Woodland Creatures quilt.

Debbie Beirnes brought her Rose Sampler quilt from my book Rose Sampler Supreme.

Debbie also brought her Baltimore Album quit that she made when I taught a class from Volumes One and Two of Baltimore Beauties and Beyond by Elly Sienkiewicz a few years ago at Reichard's Quilt Store in Elmira.

The quilt retreat committee members: Deb Beirnes, Edna Keown, Nora Crone, Sheila McMillan and I.

Pauline Clark was my hostess and it was a real treat to stay with her in her lovely home. Thank you, Pauline.