Woodland Creatures Quilt by Joyce Tomcho

Joyce shares her memories of making her lovely quilt.

I was so pleased to speak with you a short while ago, Rosemary. The delight I took making the Woodland Creatures was an experience I'll always remember and I was so happy I was able to share with you my delight appliquing your creatures .

As I mentioned my quilt will be in the Naples Quilt Show March 6th - 7th. Our show this year will be bigger than ever with over 20 vendors and I would estimate roughly 200 or more quilts will be shown. We also will be in a new and larger location at the Community School of Naples, off of Livingston Rd. During season our guild has a membership of close to 300. We have many extremely talented members, some whose quilts have been published and circulated internationally. This is the first quilt I've entered although I've made many quilts prior.

The backing on my quilt is a mossy green as is the binding. This seems to nicely compliment the greens I used in the quilt itself. It was a bit scary choosing green considering the quilt front background is a marbled dark blue. The blue always made me think of the animals out in the woodlands at night. I started with the Racoon. I believe his eyes were always on me...pushing me on to finish. More times than not I would look up the creatures on the Internet to achieve their exact shades of color. This quilt created a great deal of discussion in my Monday group and we would have a lot of fun discussing what actual shades of color the animals were. We referred to the quilt more times than not, affectionately, as the "animal" quilt.

With this said, I thank you for your creation (s) Rosemary and look forward to making Nature's Garden. You will note I selected one of the quotes you used for my label (see below) that I felt pertained to all the critters.

Sincerely Joyce Tomcho

Woodland Creatures

“In all of Nature there is something of the marvellous." Aristotle

Patterns Designed by Rosemary Makhan, Quilts by Rosemary

Hand Appliquéd by Joyce Vouch Tomcho, 2005-2009 Naples, Florida

Machine Quilted by Roni Israil-Weaver, Hulbert, Michigan

This quilt and the creatures herein took on a life of their own from the moment I began to craft them. I never knew exactly the outcome of their presence only that their essence filled my heart.

A Tribute Quilt for Danny Mitchell

This quilt was made from the backs, sides and fronts of Danny's shirts.

Scott Mitchell (Danny's brother) writes:
We presented the quilt to my parents this past Sunday and it was a big hit. Everyone was very impressed with the quality and I wanted to thank you again for completing it.

In the picture are my parents, Hugh & Mary Mitchell, along with Dan’s boys – Dalton (orange shirt) & Owen.

Thank you again and I look forward to seeing the pics on your website.

Scott Mitchell

Carol Fraser's Woodland Valence

Carol writes:

You may recall a while back I e-mailed you and told you that I wanted to make a valance to match my Woodland Creatures quilt. You kindly sent me the Song Sparrow border pieces, as I no longer had the original pattern.

I just wanted to thank you again for your generosity, and to share with you the finished product.

Carol Fraser

Ginny Vesey's Prize Winning Quilt

Ginny writes:
We spent this past weekend up in Charleston, SC, and attended the Cobblestone Quilt Guild show, a nice show and great town. Since I always try to get up there for their show I decided to enter a couple of quilts and wanted to let you know that Zircon and the Woodland Creatures received an Honorable Mention - and then won Viewer's Choice. It is such a wonderful pattern and I am thrilled that so many other folks enjoy it also.
I downsized the pattern and Zircon is 68" x 85" with a lovely Moda dark brown background. It is named after my son's pet rabbit which hopped out an open door and joined the woodland creatures - out in Park City, Utah. Truly "woodland creatures" country! This was not that long ago, Dan was living in a townhouse where he couldn't have a dog and ended up getting a bunny.
Also, I received notice yesterday that Zircon has been accepted into the Paducah show, so I am truly honored and thrilled.
Do you have plans to go to Paducah by chance? I would surely love to meet you!
Best regards, Ginny Vesey

Donna Lohman's Woodland Creatures Quilt

Donna writes, "I started this quilt as block- of-the-month in Oct. 2004. I finished in February 2010. I enjoyed this project so much.

I used a lot of different fabrics, plus lots of wool and suede. I tried as many techniques as I could, from needle turning all the appliqué, needle punch, thread art, and much more. The quilt was machine quilted by my daughter Debbie, she did such a wonderful job.

Thank you for sharing your talent and your design."

Donna M Lohman
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania