Biblical Quilt for Campfire Bible Camp

I recently attended a Banquet which was a fundraiser for Campfire Bible Camp just outside of Markdale, ON. Once summer comes, the camp is totally booked with summer camps for the inner city Hamilton kids. It is also used for family reunions, church related seminars, winter fest, spring fest, and fall fest.

Jacoba Gelderman (pictured here with me) and 22 other quilters worked on this beautiful biblical quilt which was donated to the Bible Camp.

It will be hung there along with this lovely label.
Jacoba says that the colours in the quilt were chosen for their symbolic meaning:
Red is for our Redemption through the blood of our Lord,
Green represents the wonderful gift of the Earth which was given to us to take care of,
Beige is the Light that shines in His children,
Gold is the Word of God which guides us on our journey through life.

This is a close up view of one of the blocks. The sashing contains the name of each block along with an appropriate biblical passage for that block.

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