Ginny Vesey's Prize Winning Quilt

Ginny writes:
We spent this past weekend up in Charleston, SC, and attended the Cobblestone Quilt Guild show, a nice show and great town. Since I always try to get up there for their show I decided to enter a couple of quilts and wanted to let you know that Zircon and the Woodland Creatures received an Honorable Mention - and then won Viewer's Choice. It is such a wonderful pattern and I am thrilled that so many other folks enjoy it also.
I downsized the pattern and Zircon is 68" x 85" with a lovely Moda dark brown background. It is named after my son's pet rabbit which hopped out an open door and joined the woodland creatures - out in Park City, Utah. Truly "woodland creatures" country! This was not that long ago, Dan was living in a townhouse where he couldn't have a dog and ended up getting a bunny.
Also, I received notice yesterday that Zircon has been accepted into the Paducah show, so I am truly honored and thrilled.
Do you have plans to go to Paducah by chance? I would surely love to meet you!
Best regards, Ginny Vesey

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