Wine Tour

My daughter wanted me to give her a Wine Tour as a present for her birthday--so I decided to go along too! We had a great day together discovering a lot of interesting facts about grapes, wine, and how to pair wines with various foods.

These grapes were at Chateau des Charmes; they pinch off the small grape clusters at the top of the vines and only let the ones grow at the bottom of the vines so that they are easy to pick.

Candice in the Chateau Des Charmes Vineyard.

Candice and I with Anna Olson at Olson Foods. We had lunch with Anna and we received an autographed cookbook. Anna uses locally grown produce from the Niagara region. She was very gracious and a lovely lady!

The autographed cookbook that we received beside our peach dessert. Yummy!

At Ravine Winery which is next door to Olson Foods.

The Upper Canada Cheese Company where we tasted delicious cheeses locally made from the milk of Guernsey cows.

Candice and I resting at the Fielding Estate Winery--we'd been wined and dined out!

Happy to be heading home with our purchases!

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